Pentadactyl For Emacser

Pentadactyl's command interface

Pentadactyl is a Firefox plugin ,which can let you:

  • Get rid of mouse.
  • Manipulate the whole Firefox with Vim-flavored key-bindings.
  • Minimize unnecessary UI parts and maximize browse area.

Pentadactyl has great flexibility, so you can re-binding keys into Emacs-flavored.


  1. Install Pentadactyl
  2. Download my Pentadactyl configuration file and move it as ~/.pentadactyl/plugins/emacs.penta.
  3. Restart Firefox.

If Pentadactyl act abnormally after upgrading FireFox, try to upgrade your Pentadactyl first, most of problems can be solved immediately. If still unsolved, install nightly builds.


  • C-x C-f - Open… (URL & search)

Remember to specify keywords for each search engines (Right click on Search bar -> customize -> keywords)
For example, g => Google, b => Bing, d => DuckDuckGo.
Then you can search SOMETHING with Google like this: g SOMETHING

  • C-g - Cancel current action.
  • M-x - Enter Pentadactyl commands.
  • C-z - Temporarily escape back to default Firefox shortcuts map.

  • C-x C-s - Save current page as…

  • C-x C-c - Exit Firefox


  • f - Find and open link.
  • F - Find and open link with new tab.

Press Tab to switch highlighted item.
Press Enter to select the highlighted item.

  • C-b - Back
  • C-f - Forward

  • C-v - Scroll down 1/2 page.

  • M-v - Scroll up 1/2 page.
  • M-< - Top.
  • M-> - Bottom.

  • C-s - Find string in current page.

However, due to the limitation of Pentadactyl, you have to use n and N to “find next/previously” after invoking C-s.

  • ]] - Auto find “next” link on page and open it. (pattern is customizable)
  • [[ - Auto find “previous” link on page and open it. (pattern is customizable)


  • C-x C-<left>/<right> - Switch tabs. (Though I still use C-Tab & C-Shicf-Tab)
  • C-x k - Close tab.
  • C-x C-b - Buffer manager.


  • R - Reload (refresh) current page.
  • M-w - Copy the URL of current page.
  • a - Add current tab into Favorites.

Input Text

  • C-x i - Jump to and focus on the first input area in page directly.
  • C-i - (Under INSERT mode) Edit current input area within Emacs client.


  • i - Enter CARET mode, which let you move cursor around. Then press v (VISUAL mode) to toggle selection.


Press ; to enter a mode. For example, press ;i can open a image.

  • i - Open image.
  • I - Open image with a new tab.


  • rehash - Reload all your Pentadactyl configuration file.